The easiest way to control your heater

My husband is such a baby when he gets sick. A few weeks ago he caught the flu and he seriously thought he was dying. I spent the entire weekend catering to him, as he moaned and coughed from our bed. I felt so sorry for him for a while, but when he started messing with the thermostat in our apartment, I lost my patience. We live in the South and it’s not cold here, at all. I didn’t mind when he shut off the air conditioning, but when I heard the compressor come back on and the heat start pouring out of our ventilation system, I thought I would freak out. At first, I calmly added blankets to his bed and asked him to not adjust the indoor temperature to a level that would not be bearable for me. It only took a hour or so before I felt the heat on again. I told him he was going to be nursing himself through this cold, if he continued to increase the already humid temperature any longer. So back and forth we went with the thermostat control. I so wished we had had the multi split air conditioning system installed we had considered previously this year, so we each could have controlled the temperature of our temporarily separated rooms. Wishing didn’t help me as I baked in our extra heated place the rest of the weekend, but I am glad my husband got well and the air conditioner is back on, as usual.

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