A ductless heating and air system

When my husband and I decided to convert the screen porch into a master bedroom, we needed to do some renovations.  We replaced all of the screens with windows, added insulation to the walls, and installed electrical outlets and overhead lights.  One of the biggest challenges was determining the best way to handle temperature control. Because of the area where we live, we were looking for a unit that would provide both heating and cooling.  We were hoping to find something that wouldn’t totally drain our budget or require major construction for installation. We didn’t have a lot of space to work with, so we also needed a compact unit. I was concerned with aesthetics, and because my husband is a light sleeper, the operational sound levels were his priority. After a whole bunch of research, we came across ductless heat pumps.  A ductless heat pump is comprised of two components, an outside condenser and an indoor air handler. Both components are quite small, and the indoor unit is lightweight and can be mounted up high on the wall. The unit we chose features inverter technology which allows it to adapts its speed according to demand. Because the unit only provides the exact amount of heating or cooling necessary, and is able to run at slower speeds, it optimizes energy efficiency and costs very little to run.  It also features multi stage filtration, trapping airborne contaminants and keeping our bedroom very clean and healthy. We absolutely love our ductless mini split, and are impressed with its ability to maintain ideal temperature all year round.

cooling unit