The dryness and air conditioning

My hometown recently suffered a dry spell of epic proportions. We had gone multiple weeks without a single drop of rain. No only that, but the outside temperatures were continually climbing above 90 degrees.  It was hot and sticky almost every single day. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable. Most everyone decided to stay in their homes with their  cooling systems blasting and the thermostat set low. This was an ideal solution.  I prefered to mix it up a little bit. Although our cooling system is an essential appliance, I also like cooling off in other ways. I have an inground swimming pool in the back yard, & enjoy going   for a dip almost every day. I do like to relax in our house as the cooling system blows cool air throughout the rooms. I have a modern heating & cooling system, so it is effective and energy efficient.  My cousin, Paul, is a certified HVAC technician, so he checks out the equipment for me twice a year. He makes sure to replace  parts as they wear out, cleans the system, and adjusts everything so it’s working at its best.  He reminds me to change the air filter for the HVAC system every six months. He makes sure that the heating and cooling system is operating at peak efficiency and costing less to operate.  He lubricates the moving parts to help prevent malfunction and fulfills the stipulations of the manufacturer’s warranty.    With the dry spell and running the air conditioner constantly, I need it to be operating at peak capacity.  

HVAC installation