My dream home’s HVAC system

Regularly my husband and I talk about building our dream house someday. We have a lot of things we would love to have that we cannot afford or would not be feasible in the house we are in now. One of the things we talk about is quartz countertops through the kitchen and bathrooms. I would also love to have wood floors through the living spaces of the house. Another thing we would love is a really high tech heating and cooling system. I want a zoned heating and cooling system with multiple thermostats throughout the house. I love the idea of being able to set the heater or air conditioner to different temperatures in different rooms of the house. That would allow us to have the game room cooler for my husband and my craft room warmer for me. I would love for all of the thermostats in our dream house to be smart thermostats. I would love to be able to easily program them to fit our schedule. I would also love to be able to adjust the temperature even when we are not home. A smart thermostat would allow for all of this. The heater and air conditioner in our dream home would also be really energy efficient. An energy efficient heat pump would allow for us to have lower electric bills. Lower power bills would allow us to save money monthly. This fancy heating and cooling system would be wonderful and expensive. The benefits would quickly outweigh the cost of the high tech heater and air conditioner.

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