Don’t want my man to do the cooling repair

Anytime something actually breaks in our property, I always try to hide it from my husband. My husband Billy seems to feel he is an excellent handyman! All Billy manages to do is hurt himself, ruin the project as well as get angry. To protect him as well as the property, I hide any sort of maintenance that is actually needed. My current needed maintenance is on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment as well as it is taxing to hide. How do you possibly explain no AC in the middle of the Summer months? The cooling equipment just refused to turn on one day as well as I am currently on a waitlist for an essential cooling repair… I have no idea really when that AC maintenance will happen. Until that day, I have to hide that we really have no cooling from Billy. What I have done so far is open windows as well as put screens on our doors so they can be open. I talked all about how we have this old, stuffy indoor air conditions. I am using the fresh air to circulate the air conditions as well as welcome fresh air quality from outside inside our property. I also have recently installed a ceiling fan right above the couch! That is exactly where Billy likes to sit after work. I figure if he is not feeling overheated, he won’t come to notice the lack of cooling. I turn the fan on high as well as he is the right temperature always. At evening, I simply use a window cooling system component for us. I told him that this component works in tandem with our central AC. So far he does not really suspect anything. I don’t really know how much longer I can go without AC however.

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