I don’t want to do a heater repair

I graduated college a long time ago and I still live at home. I always find it funny when people ask why I don’t live in my own place. Why would I want to leave the nest? I get my laundry done and meals made by my mother. My father fixes up my car for me and does my taxes. I do not pay rent, water, heating or cooling. I have no expenses, I just get pampered all of the time. If I want to watch a movie, go to dinner or play cards, my parents bend to my will. It really is the sweet life. If I lived on my own, I would have to do all of the unpleasant things in life. Recently our gas fireplace did not turn on. If I lived on my own I would have to deduce this heating problem. I would need to research online and figure out the heating repair. I then would have to attempt it myself or call a HVAC contractor. Either option would be unpleasant. It would be either time consuming or expensive. Since I live at home I just called my dad. My father came home from work and looked up the issue himself. He deduced the problem super fast and got right to work. He fixed out the heating system in no time. No HVAC company or heating repair required. I then had instant heat without doing any work. It took em no time, effort or cash. This is all because I live at home. Not such a bad gig right?

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