We don’t have any air conditioning

Having a chronic illness can be really tough. It makes life hard for a multitude of reasons. My gastroparesis makes me feel pretty rotten most of the time. Besides the normal symptoms of it I also have a lot of problems regulating my body temperature now and am extremely sensitive to extreme cold and heat. The temperature sensitivity makes it difficult to do things outdoors sometimes because when I get too cold or too hot my illness flares up. This also happens when I am out and get too warm or too cold shopping. The worst spell I had recently was when I was out shopping. I had gone to a store that I really needed things from, but their air conditioner was not working. I had to buy some things there so I endured the heat. They had several fans working throughout the shop, but the fans were only circulating the air not cooling the air. After a while I got overheated and nauseated. Then, I started feeling dizzy. The heat was affecting me really bad that day. I had to sit down on the floor in the aisle because I was so dizzy and nauseated. I hate when the air conditioner is broken and I get overheated. After sitting down one of the employees brought me a cold bottle of water. The water bottle helped cool me off enough that I could pay and get to the car. Once I got to the car I blasted the AC and sat in the car until I had cooled off enough to feel a little better.