Dog needs space heater

I know that my partner would be totally aghast to read this, but I’m concerned about my dog this winter. He’s getting older these days, and it’s clear to see by looking across his rapidly graying little face. He’s still very peppy and full of life, but I also think that life is catching up with him as he nears the 10 year mark. My boyfriend refuses to believe it and constantly accuses me of babying the dog too much even though I’m confident that I’m giving him exactly what he needs and nothing more. For instance, every day I have to sit down and coach him through eating his bowl of food or else he goes days at a time without eating. My boyfriend thinks this is crazy, but I don’t have a problem with it as long as it keeps my little buddy healthy. More recently, I’ve noticed that the dog is pretty cold every day as night time rolls around. He starts shivering and wants to cuddle up for warmth, which totally breaks my heart. I don’t want to turn up the central heating for him because it raises our energy bills too much and is counteractive for our own comfort, but I do want to provide the old man with the warmth that he needs to be comfortable. That’s why I’ve started setting up a space heater in front of his bed at night. This allows the electric heater to supply him with an extra boost of hot air. Things would be perfect if only I could convince my partner to stop blowing so much of his own.

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