Dog loves to lay by the fireplace

My sister just adopted the most adorable pitbull puppy, that a person could have ever seen. The name of the dog is Flash, and he happens to be three years old. This isn’t the first time that we have had a puppy, but it has been a few years. My little sister rescued him from the pound a couple of weeks ago, and he has instantly become a member of our family. He is about forty pounds in weight, with brown and black fur. There is a small patch of white fur, right along the back of his hind legs. He is one of the cutest puppies that I have ever met, and he listens very well. I happen to be a huge pushover for puppies, and I feed him scraps from the table every day. He is the most cutest puppy that I have ever seen. He likes to lay in front of the fireplace, in the middle of the den.  In the morning, my sister turns on the fireplace to warm up the house. Flash likes to lay on the oriental rug, that is located right in front of the fireplace. A few days ago, I went over to visit my sister. Flash was laying in front of the fireplace as usual. I picked him up to give him a pet, and I was surprised by how warm his body was. I told my sister that he might be lying too close to the fireplace, but she just laughed. She said that Flash spends all day laying in front of the fireplace, and only moves to eat or pee. I guess he would move, if he got too hot.

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