DMV and HVAC tech

The last time I had to go to get my driver’s license renewed, I was 25, and it was a complete and utter nightmare. Everybody knows that the DMV is one of the worst places on earth. The surroundings are so bland and boring; all the people seem to straight from the movie Beetlejuice; moreover, a funky smell always seems to linger in there. In the 25 years since I got my first driver’s license, none of these facts have changed.

A month ago, I was there with my wife, and it was worse than ever before. On top of all the regular issues, matters were made worse by the fact the HVAC system was under repairs. Why they could not repair it after everyone had left for the day was a mystery to me, however HVAC repairs are never easy… especially in a room full of people! The repair team consisted of four workers, two of whom were in training. The A/C was obviously either completely broken or shut off for the repairs, so the normal heinous indoor air pollen levels were even worse. The temperatures were an uncomfortable level of 85 degrees. WIth the HVAC system off, the teenager waiting in line in front of me was dripping with sweat like a marathon runner. Air conditioning has never been desired so much in this world. Whatever was wrong, the HVAC ducts immediately above us had to be opened up, so they moved us over and set the ladder up right in the middle of the line. Climate control at the DMV office will never be taken for granted by me again!

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