Discounting my heat and AC

 I am not showing off when I say that I’m becoming a pretty outstanding person in this little town. It’s a small area which has seen very little change in the past half a century.  When I moved here last year, I decided things needed to change around here. I decided to open my own shop/cafe downtown with an upbeat atmosphere and different wares. The first thing I needed for my chosen shopfront, was some sort of temperature control system. The old building lacked any sort of central heat, and the air conditioner there had to be at least twenty years old. The old cooling system barely even turned on, and only pushed out lukewarm, dusty air.

                I immediately got in touch with a major Heating, Ventilation and A/C dealership in neighborhood. I asked for a commercial quote for central heating and cooling, plus professional installation. Simultaneously, I contacted a smaller ventilation shop through their website. Within minutes, I had been given detailed Heating, Ventilation and A/C quotes from both companies, so I began negotiating with both. I can tell you that as soon as they got wind that another heating and cooling specialist was potentially getting my large business order, those prices started dropping.

               Instantly I was getting top of the line temperature control equipment with free smart thermostats and no replacement fees from one dealer. The other proposed zone controlled heating, the most highly rated gas furnace and A/C on the market, and a  lifetime servicing package. I’m enjoying all these discounts, but I don’t know who to choose and the competition is getting vulgar.. The other morning I invited them to look at the space, and the two ventilation shop owners had an all-out brawl in front of my store. energy saving tips