Destroyed marriage

Recently, a good friend of mine was telling me all about his terrible divorce. I felt so bad for him because he pretty much lost everything, including his son. The other thing he was really stressing over shocked me just a little bit. He lost his house to his ex-wife as well. He wasn’t so upset about losing the house, but the HVAC system it was equipped with. He was saying that he had dished out a large part of his savings to purchase the perfect HVAC system. He had radiant heated flooring with a smart thermostat. He also had the HVAC system set up in zones so all the rooms in the property could be controlled individually and through his smartphone. He was so upset about that because it cost him such a large amount of money. He said how it was the perfect investment, and it wasn’t right because he caught his wife cheating on him, and she still got everything. He thought this life definitely was not fair. I honestly didn’t know what to say except to listen to him go on about the pain he was feeling with losing his kid and his HVAC system. I was just surprised that something like an HVAC system could mean so much to someone. It kind of made sense in a way because; he did invest a lot of his years on saving up that money. I mostly felt bad about his kid though and the failed marriage. It was a royal shame. If I ever decided to get married, I would certainly not rush into things until I knew the lady was perfect for me and wouldn’t ruin my life.