I decided to not use an air conditioner

Since I have lived almost my entire life in the southeast, I have always used air conditioning. We keep our air conditioning on for at least seven months of the year. If we didn’t we would have people passing out from heat exhaustion. It is regularly over ninety degrees here in the summer months, and it is not uncommon for the heat index to be in the triple digits. Our air conditioning systems get a workout in my neck of the woods. Just about everyone around here has central air conditioning, which means that there is a central air conditioning unit that takes air and cools it. Then the cooled air is sent through a series of ductwork and out into the house through the air vents. There may be more efficient types of heating and cooling systems, I don’t know, but central air conditioners are popular and easy to use. That’s why I was quite surprised when I went on vacation to the great northwest in the middle of July. Not a single place was using air conditioning! I could not believe it. All the homes and even the businesses had no heating and cooling system engaged at all and simply had the windows open. They had an amazing breeze that went right through the homes and I was never hot even one time. Just about everyone had ceiling fans and kept those running during the day, but at night it was too chilly to have the ceiling fans operating. I was so shocked to be chilly in July!

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