Had decent heating for us

Downtown there’s a simple large Arena where our neighborhood NHL team plays. They also host various events over summer and winter such as basketball tournaments and concerts. I often wondered how they did this when the floor of the arena was an ice skating rink. We had been there before at some incredible hockey games and knew that this space was always cold. During the time when we got concert tickets I worried that we would be freezing. When we arrived and went into the finder seats I was surprised to find a wooden floor close above the ice that I typically saw. I asked my husband if they melted the ice each time and he said that the wooden floor was simply rolled out over the ice during other events. This way when the team wasn’t playing they didn’t have to deal with the expense of melting the ice and then having to refreeze it. It was neat that they had a floating floor over the ice. To my relief, the place was warm and comfortable and It looks like that is because, with the ice covered up, the air was able to get warm. They even have floor seating available within the concert with bleacher like seats. I wondered if all of those concert-goers knew that they were sitting upon a floor of ice and if it was any cooler down there. I can only imagine how powerful the HVAC system must be in a building that houses ice hockey and various events. It has to be effective at maintaining the proper ice temps and balancing the comfort of the spectators concurrently. I’m sure that they employ their own personal HVAC technicians to maintain the system regularly because the last thing they will need is it going down and causing delays for their events.