De-Icing at the Airport

When I left last week to travel from my home in the frozen northern part of the country to the sunny south, I could hardly wait to get on the plane! I got to the airport two whole hours early, stood in line for my boarding pass and then security, and then settled myself in to wait by my departure gate. The whole time I was sitting there at the gate, the furnace in the airport waiting area was blasting hot air from the heating vents right above my head. I got warmer and warmer, and by the time they called for departure, I had sweat rolling down my back! It was weird to feel so warm when right outside the windows, the airstrip was covered in a layer of snow and more was coming down. The walkway out to the plane was freezing cold, but it was honestly a nice change of temperature from the stuffy waiting area. Once I got onto the plane, I settled in and watched as the de-icing trucks came out to spray de-icer all over the exterior of the plane. The poor guys in those trucks must have been freezing out there. I’m not sure what the outside temperatures were at that point, but judging from the temperature of the walkway, it had to be pretty cold! At least the runway workers did have personal heaters out in the cabs of the trucks. I could see the heaters mounted to the roofs above them, but I still felt sorry for them since the snow was still coming down pretty heavily out there and I was nice and toasty inside the plane.