My day has honestly been made

My wife, Carol, and I talked it over and decided we wanted to have a fireplace in our home. At first, we were determined to have a wood burning fireplace. The idea of enjoying a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night appealed to us. After thinking it over, however, we realized that there are a lot of drawbacks to a wood burning fireplace, and neither one of us was looking forward to chopping down trees, cutting wood, and hauling it into the house. Since the wood is typically dirty and wet, it would certainly create a giant mess. Then we’d need to get the fire started, and deal with smoke, fumes, soot, and ashes. The fire would present a safety risk, and there’d be little opportunity to regulate the heat, and we did a bit of research and decided a natural gas fireplace was a better choice. There are a wide range of styles of gas furnaces, and many them are absolutely beautiful. We could still have the gorgeous hearth and mantle, as well as real flames, with none of the work. The gas fireplace operates from a cordless remote that allows us to start it up, change fan speed and adjust temperature with the touch of a button, and the gas fireplace is super energy efficient and has greatly improved the comfort of our home. It reduces the workload of the furnace, which lowers our monthly heating bills, and will help the furnace to last longer. We are extremely happy with our investment, and so relieved that we didn’t end up with a wood burning fireplace we would never use.

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