Day care heating and air

I work as a child care center investigator, it is an incredibly important job. I travel from town to town doing surprise inspections on child care facilities, day cares & small independent educating facilities; The welfare of children under our watch is extraordinarily important. There are undoubtedly particular requirements of anyone who wishes to start their own day care facility. The code for cleanliness & well being is essential to children’s safety. Last month I went into a newer, more modern facility in the inner town slums. I have to be honest, I was expecting the worst because the section of town  in itself spoke volumes. Well, I was pleasantly surprised on levels I never dreamed. It was a starter educator facility opened by financial donors, who obviously had a lot of currency. Every single thing in the building & classrooms was state of the art. The children & families had never seen anything as advanced as this. I have to imagine going back to their homes every day was almost a shock after experiencing such luxuries. I guess our number one aspect was their undoubtedly modern Heating & Air Conditioning system. I had never seen such technology before that day. They had an app called Zone Control installed into the control unit. This allowed for the teachers or administration to change the temperature accordingly for each room, and the activity & amount of people in each section from heating to air conditioning. It was such an awesome way to save currency on heating & cooling costs, which can reach such high inefficient costs at times. I asked how they monitor the odd temperatures most effectively. They proceed to show myself and others the Smart App also installed & on each teacher’s cellphone. They could change the control unit & monitor energy efficiency all from the phone. It was an absolutely fascinating concept.