Cutting rent bc of no HVAC unit

For many people, moving can be a real drag. I mean, who on earth really enjoys packing and boxing their belongings and transporting their whole life to a new place every year? Well certainly not me. This will be the second place I’ve lived in over 3 years, due to various reasons. I’m lucky to live in a place where the temperature is steady and I don’t experience drastic weather changes or catastrophes. Anyways, after finally settling into my new apartment for over a month, I’ve found that the HVAC unit hasn’t been working properly. Every time I power it on, it seems to take what feels like a century to cool down or warm up my place. If you know me, than you know I hate wasting my money and time. Before moving in, I was told that everything worked just fine but clearly that was a lie. When the HVAC unit is running, I will go up to it and place my hand in front of it to feel if there is any air blowing. Sure enough, while there is air blowing out of the HVAC unit, it’s certainly not enough to make any real difference in the temperature of my apartment. I’ve searched online to find what the issue may be with my HVAC unit and of course, I’ve spoken to my landlord but still there has been no resolve. Perhaps it is time that I put my foot down and make a few demands. Next week, I will be sending a request to my landlord to decrease my rent because of HVAC issues…after all that’s the least that could be done to make up for such an inconvenience.

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