Cooling system installation

I teach  school chemistry in a small  school. Our school district doesn’t have a huge budget. This year, we had surplus funds in the budget.  This extra money was allocated for the new science district.. I was so excited to hear the good news.  It was fantastic. Now, I knew I would have a new classroom, chairs, books and lab equipment.  We moved into the new classroom in the winter.  Our classroom had huge windows that allowed the sun to shine brightly. In addition the sun beaming in the classroom making it nice and warm.  I loved it!  We hardly turned on the basement heating system because our classroom was so cozy and comfortable.  Our view from the windows was beautiful. As winter turned to spring I realized we had a problem.  The huge windows faced the sun.  As the sun rose, so did the temperature of the classroom.  In the heat of the day, it was so hot in the classroom you could fry an egg.   Our building does not have A/C.  the only building to have A/C on campus is the auditorium.  We could, possibly, install a small window A/C unit to bring down the temperature and cool the classroom.  Opening the windows did not help.  The open windows did not provide a flow of air or any kind of ventilation, as the sun is too intense. Adding to my problem, is that the classroom is on the third floor. As heat rises from the lower floors it permeates our floor and makes our classroom even hotter.  I have thought of complaining but I do not think it will help at all.  After all, the classroom and everything in it is new.  I just wish someone had prepared for the hot weather and included A/C.  I think it was ridiculous not to have budged for A/C.

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