Cooling equipment in my homes

I live in an area that is cold for the majority of the year. I usually need to start up the furnace in September, and it typically runs until sometime in April. The snow often accumulates in feet during one night, and the outside temperature is normally below freezing, and now and then, the temperature drops well below zero, and the wind chill makes it feel even colder. As a result of this, the heating system is a necessity and a priority. I’ve spent a great deal of money to purchase and install a powerful gas heater. With the gas furnace running for the majority of the year, my heating bills are a huge draw on my budget, and there is definitely no reason to invest in air conditioning. During the short summer months, I am happy that my energy bills are inexpensive. However, my house is often overheated, sticky, and horribly uncomfortable. I get by with open windows, box fans, and a portable air conditioner in my bedroom, and with the windows open, I deal with an influx of dust, pollen, bugs, and exhaust fumes. I get woken up by the sounds of birds, dogs, traffic and neighbors. I worry about the safety risk of open windows. Although I don’t really need central air conditioning, I want it, and I already have the duct system and air handler in place for the gas heater. I don’t think the upgrade to central cooling would be all that expensive. Although I would then be paying a much higher electric bill during the summer months, it would be worth it. I could simply adjust the thermostat to my preference and enjoy a perfectly cool home, and

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