I have constant issues with the HVAC system

I drive my grandson to school several days each week. I’m trying to help my daughter out as she and additionally her husband both have to work. They’re trying to save up some money to purchase a new HVAC system for a house. Their old heating and air conditioning system is on the fritz and they are tired of patching it up just to have it break on them. The last time it stopped working they had to replace the cooling coils in their air handler and it cost them a lot of cash. It seems that the refrigerant was leaking in the coils so they had to keep topping off the refrigerant. It seems that as soon as they solved that problem then the thermostat starting acting up. They would set the thermostat at a desired temperature, so the A/C unit would start and then once the desired temperature was reached the handler would turn off but then not turn on again. So they had to reset the thermostat to have the A/C unit to turn on again. They are tired of having to call their HVAC provider to come out and look at their HVAC system because the minimum charge of one hundred dollars just for him to come out. It is similar to keeping an old car on the road, as soon as you fix one thing another thing goes wrong. I convinced them that it would be better in the long run to simply bite the bullet and save enough money to replace the main HVAC system. Then they will have a warranty which should prevent them from having to fork up a lot of money on repairs to their HVAC system.

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