I consider this bad service

Have you ever been forced to live in poverty? I have. It’s no fun to wonder how you’ll spend our money each month, or worrying about putting food on the table, and to make strenuous decisions about purchasing the necessities for your family… All you can do is cross your fingers and hope that nothing else goes wrong when your savings account continually hovers around 0 dollars each month. This is never the case, of course; Just last year I had a sizable catastrophe on our plate when our home’s outdated Heating and A/C system finally quit once and for all. When I had first moved into this property, the Heating and A/C system was well over ten years outdated already. Still, I did a little research and found out that the heating system and cooling system equipment were produced by a very highly reputable dealer that produced high quality equipment with long lifespans. I cleaned out the outdated heating and cooling systems, and the temperature control equipment has worked just great for several years now. To save a buck, I l received everything I could learn about the heating and cooling system and inspected it diligently on our own. Then things slowly started to go wrong. I experienced bad nights where the heating system didn’t turn on, there were rank odors and stinks that came out of the air vents, and a few thermostat failures; Finally the entire Heating and A/C needed to be laid to rest, but there was no way I could afford buying a brand current 1! While talking to the Heating and A/C specialist about our problematic and outdated system, he realized that I had accrued a lot of useful working expertise. It wasn’t too long before all of us had worked out a deal; in return for a significant discount on buying our lake condo heating and cooling system, I would task for him as an Heating and A/C corporate tech. All that self-service genuinely paid off!

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