Connecting the smart thermostat

Have you ever heard of a smart thermostat, which allows control of your HVAC system wirelessly?  A smart thermostat takes advantage of the internet and allows you to make adjustments to your HVAC equipment, and even air quality accessories, from your smart phone. If you haven’t given the benefits any thought, it’s definitely time you seriously look into it. I have been wanting to have a smart thermostat installed for quite a while now.  I would like to update my old thermostat with the dial.  I am tired of having to physically turn that dial whenever I want to make a change in temperature. I live in a Southerner state and there are a lot of days when it starts out chilly in the morning and then warms up throughout the day.  By the time I get out of work, the outside temperature is downright sweltering.  If I forgot to shut off the heater before I left the house in the morning, my house will be super hot and sticky. Being able to change the setting on the thermostat from work would be convenient and probably save me a bunch of money on my energy bills. On those chilly mornings, I typically have the heating system operating.  I try to shut if off before I leave the house.  I usually forget.  I end up paying to heat the house, even though it’s super hot outside.  Then I come home and need to wait while the air conditioner cools the house down.  Plus, that causes a much bigger workload for the air conditioner.  If I had access to my HVAC system from my smartphone, I’d never need to worry about it.  I would always come home to the ideal temperature and perfect comfort.  I could always respond to the weather at anytime during the day.  heating-and-equipment-technology

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