Cold times and my heater

In my town, we never see much of a real winter. So much so, in fact, that I actually was wearing shorts and short sleeves on Christmas day this year. In fact, I don’t remember a year when I wasn’t wearing that! Because of this, my wife and I were completely shocked when, the next morning, our entire lawn was covered in frost and we could see our breath! My whole entire car was actually iced over. So the first thing I did was to yank the door open, turn on the heater in the car, and wait for it to get nice and toasty so that it would start melting the thick layer of ice on the outside. Since we never see this kind of weather, we never really get to use the furnace. I love being after to finally crank up that heat inside, because that first initial blast of warm air through the house vents is just really something. I never set the temperature control too high, and normally the heating stays set at 68 degrees when it is turned on. If it is still a bit chilly in the house, we have a massive space heater in our living room. Usually it’s just there to look at, but on random days like this, we actually get to turn it on. It’s a absolutely big heater, designed to look like a fireplace, however the area heating system is so big I keep the flat screen cable on top of it! It’s an electric heater, but once turned on it looks plus feels just like a nice burning fire, just without any smoke and real flames.

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