Coast line cooling device

The worst thing about living on the West Coast is that fact that most of the houses do not have a/c! When I moved here, I was baffled by this because I figured HVAC units were standard. The temperature in most areas here is often mild, so most people are good living without a cooling system. Still, I prefer having the ability to adjust the temperature within my home, but after living in my home for nearly a year without an HVAC unit, I have decided to invest in a mini-split a/c. These are considerably cheaper than a fully-equipped HVAC system, and they can cool a small home without using a ton of electricity. They are simple to install in any house, and they can be hung on a wall or over a door. I know that they look much better than a common window unit, which is another reason I have decided to buy one. After I make the purchase, I will be able to enjoy my living situation much more, and I will more than likely be able to stay in my home for longer than I initially planned! Even though the West Coast has nearly ideal weather, miserably hot days do occasionally arrive, and I want to be prepared for when they do. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having no control over the temperature of a building. I come from a region of the country where air conditioning is in all houses, so maybe this is why I have less tolerance for dealing with heat indoors!

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