Cleaning the HVAC

My parents have always been sticklers when it comes to the upkeep of their house. They are borderline neurotic about making sure most of the appliances are in tip-top contour. When I was a teenager they had assigned me a list of chores in helping keeping everything running around the house. I was always responsible for mowing the lawn and changing the air filters inside our heating and cooling system. The air filters had to be changed every few weeks or so. If I failed to do so, the filters would catch and push a lot of dust and dirt into our home and cause our indoor air quality to be contaminated. My mom was especially insistent that we did this always did this because she had serious intolerance issues. If we neglected our system for a certain amount of time, we ran the risk of aggravating her allergies. Something else that my dad and mom had me do was clean the coils with the HVAC system. Coils can also collect massive amounts of dust and dirt, and keeping them really clean is important for the same reasons as changing the air filters. I really hated doing these as a kid, but now I don’t mind we had to do them because I have learned to keep my HVAC system in good and tip top shape. Aside from keeping our residence running well, my parents taught me some valuable lessons we continue to use today. I have my mom and dad to thank.

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