The cleanest cooling method

As a ranch hand, I spend almost one-hundred percent of my time outdoors, daytime or nighttime, asleep or awake, even for meals and showers. Honestly, most of my time is spent out in the open air. And that is just the way I like it. I much prefer to live this way instead of having a roof over my head, honestly. So this is absolutely the perfect life I’m living. I always have my sleeping bag with me and who needs a pillow when I have a jacket? This way, I am ready to sleep wherever I please. The ranch owner has invited me in a few times but I can’t stand the way he runs his air conditioning truly non-stop. I hate breathing that recycled air, so I never take him up on it. I just can’t even breathe that toxic air that comes out of an Heating plus A/C system. It is so strange, finally working for a person who can barely kneel to take a breath without his Heating plus A/C system, when I would rather sleep in hot mud than spend a night in front of an A/C vent. I’ve always been this way though, even when I was just a kid. It takes Everybody is different I suppose, but the cool night winds are all the cooling system I need, plus the sun in the sky is the only heater this old ranch hand needs. My home is on the range, plus for an ancient cowboy like myself that home does not need a central Heating plus A/C system in it.

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