Check up on the HVAC equipment

My relationship with my husband’s family is seriously uncommon.  Most people experience friction with their in-laws, however I’m quite the opposite – I find that my family causes most of the trouble & strain for our my husband & I, while his parents treat me as one of their own. My husband’s father recognizably enjoys our company since I we go out of our way to help him with anything we can, and recently, he came up to visit for a weekend and to help paint some furniture for our baby’s room.  I galdy helped any way I could, although I don’t do much painting. Still, he was cheerful we were there if he needed help moving something, or even just a second set of eyes to make sure the paint was going on even, amidst the painting session, he noticed how cool our home stays. I explained to him that our complex, while not being the most attractive building, takes superb care of the appliances & equipment that are in the our units! They have regular onsite service, and a team to check up on the Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment, which includes regularly replacing the air filters. He mentioned how unusual that was for any home complex to be so proactive, and we explained that’s why we enjoyed residing here until we decide we need more space.  We continued on with our painting project & when it was done, the furniture looked fantastic. I tried paying him, however he refused, saying it was payment enough to see how much we appreciated his help.

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