Changing the HVAC in the house

I had finally just managed to graduate from college a little bit over a year ago.  Because I had just transferred colleges plus switched our major several times even, it took myself and others early 6 years to simply achieve my bachelor’s degree.  During that time, I had simply accumulated a very tremendous amount of debt.  I have several student loans, an automobile payment, health insurance, automobile insurance plus debit card bills to spend money off.  Although I have found a work within our own field, our starting spend money is particularly very low right now.  For the time being though, I am truly just forced to live in a very cramped apartment, in a questionable city here, because of the extremely low rent.  The house is rather rundown, aged, plus far too small.  Only some of the windows open, plus yet they all leak air in and out. In the Winter, there seems to be very frosty drafts coming from right inside from every window, door plus corner.  I put some sheets of plastic there right over the windows plus sited rolled up towels against the bottom of the doors there.  I had even set the temperature control as low as I could possibly tolerate it, plus I had even just bundled right up in several layers of clothing.  The heating method is positively very old plus even just provides particularly little air.  Whenever it actually starts up, it makes a very tremendous amount of noise plus blows a lot of dust right into the apartment.  Despite the very low temperature control settings, the oil furnace struggles to keep up with high demand, seems to run even non stop plus costs myself and others a fortune in those daily bills.  When the weather finally warms up in the warm season, I have absolutely no air conditioning. Since hardly any of the windows open at all, I get a very little breeze.  I try to run electric fans to cool right off, although I keep blowing many fuses.

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