I can’t do my HVAC repair

As long as I can think back in my life, I’ve highly valued unusual animals in my life. I rely on those odd animals to keep me at peace plus feeling as though I have some value since I have to care for them. Due to this, I have a tendency to adopt needy animals when they are presented to me, plus there have been occasions that my abundant animals have gotten out of control, one time I managed to accrue 4 immense kittens plus 6 puppies, along with a few smaller caged chickens around the yard. Everything was perfect until I noticed how much hair was building up on all the floors, furniture, plus my yard. I purchased a cleaning system plus the complication faded, but soon a new one emerged. My Heating plus Air Conditioning plan seemed like it was losing its power over the course of a few months. I called in my official heating plus cooling corporation where I had set up a yearly repair package years ago, but the serviceman was too upset over my german shepherd to come into my home at all this time. The dude backed away plus when I called the head office they said they were unable to help me until I removed my shepherd from the premises. I knew, that wasn’t going to happen, so I was in a pickle setting my temperature control at super large settings to combat the lack of power. I should have gotten rid of the animals rather than sacrificed good HVAC.