Can’t get smart HVAC

I would never buy a smart temperature control. The reason is the wireless in my house. It is just not dependable. My internet connection fails all of the time. If there is a flake of snow or drop of rain, I probably won’t have internet. Also my husband tends to forgets to pay our internet bill. So we lose internet until we call up and pay over the phone with a credit card. The smart temperature control would be a moron. It could not withstand how unreliable our connection is. The whole reason for smart temperature control is to have a wireless connection. The thermostat uses a wireless connection to link with the PC, tablet, or phone.   You can be off the premises and still adjust the heating/cooling settings. You also can be notified about needs for air filter changes or maintenance. The smart thermostat learns from behavior and creates a temperature control program. You can set the Heating, and air conditioner the way you prefer over the course of a week. The thermostat keeps track of times, days and various rooms and your typical preferences for temperatures. After a week of learning behavior, the temperature control has the created a customized program. With our wireless internet cutting in and out, the thermostat would have trouble. I doubt it would manage to build a full  program. I would never be able to adjust the furnace or air conditioner wirelessly. I would consistently have to physically adjust it at the source. So why buy an advanced temperature control unit if it is only going to do the same things as an old-fashioned component. I can spend half the price and enjoy less of a hassle.