Can’t get cooling access in own home

My roommate has this new girlfriend Sarah that is driving myself and others very crazy! My roommate plus Sarah are regularly just kissing each other, touching each other everywhere plus are all over our apartment here, but I basically have to hide in our room when Sarah is over plus I find that way too annoying. I do have all our stuff in our room, so it is not too much of a big deal I would say. I have a tv complete with netflix, workout unit plus our laptop. But, I don’t have any AC system in place at all. My roommate plus I have 1 A/C system, we have a very nice ductless mini split system right in our kitchen. The ductless mini split A/C system is mounted right on the wall in the kitchen plus only cools that one single room. My dining room gets no temperature control at all. The only way I get A/C is if I open our dining room door plus let the cooling system’s air right in. I can’t even open the door though because our roommate plus Sarah are regularly messing around here as lot. I have talked to our roommate about it recently too, plus he is not sympathetic about it. I dislike that I get shoved out of the A/C all of the time though. I have been thinking about just adding another indoor air handler to our ductless mini split unit. That way I can have our own A/C system right in our room. Then I won’t mind when our roommate plus his wifey box myself and others right out. I could even regularly just get a very easy portable A/C unit or a window A/C unit for our room as well. I definitely need some way to have A/C in our room.

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