I can work on my furnace if I want

There is no greater feeling than knowing  your home is secure. I have been conscientious about taking care of everything from my washer and dryer to my water heater in my lake for all the years I have lived in it. Having an extensive family is a big responsibility.  I want the day to day routine to run smoothly.  It is a priority in my life. I have spent a lot of time, effort and money to make sure my house  provides a comfortable environment for my family. My most valuable appliance through the years has been my Heating plus A/C equipment. Even during the coldest Winter weather, or the most brutal Summers, my heating and cooling unit has powered through and never caused a problem or concern. When the weather dropped down below zero, I trusted my furnace to heat my home efficiently and effectively. And in the Summer, when temperatures rise into the high nineties and the humidity is out of control, I am certain the air conditioning system will run consistently and quietly.  All year round the  house is perfectly comfortable. As much as safety and comfort are a big deal to my family, I think air quality is equally as pressing. With a properly operating furnace and n air conditioner, it is easy to combat any kind of weather and keep a healthy home. I properly maintain the house and the  Heating and A/C system.  I schedule annual HVAC maintenance with a licensed contractor, which has allowed the equipment to run dependably through the years.