I can tell this is easier

I am single, 30 and I have decided to set my home in the way I want it. Each room inside my house is built with reason. My kitchen is basically a ultra bar, complete with bar stools. I have a gym with the best equipment available and an air conditioner system set up just for that room. Finally I upgraded my house and set up an indoor pool. I had an outdoor space that the in ground pool was in. My weather always seemed to be crappy, so I couldn’t swim. I then decided to seal the pool in an insulated room or space. So now I have an interior pool. I did not need to get a pool heater, I just bought a heating system for the pool room. I actually own the ductless mini split system. I’ve got multiple indoor air handlers at my home. I have one device in the kitchen that has a moderate temperature. The gym’s air handler is always pumping out high AC. The pools air handler always provides some heating. This makes it so I absolutely can always swim, no matter what kind of storm is outside. The indoor pool was such a good call. What was a better investment was the ductless mini split with the HVAC zone control capabilities. It is not only super convenient to have each room with a separate temperature control program, but it is energy efficient. All the rooms don’t need to be the same temperature. You can cut corners and costs this way. My monthly bills actually decreased dramatically.

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