I can clean this heating vent

I run an online business out of my home seven days a week. I get distracted by my kids when they’re home. So I will occasionally venture to the local coffee shop around the corner. I love supporting local establishments; I to tend avoid the giant chains for anything in the service industry. This past week, I was feeling particularly lonely in the house, so I made my way outside to grab a cup of jo and get some work finished. When I arrived, I ordered my usual black coffee and sat down to get started. After drinking a few sips from my steaming hot drink, I noticed that it wasn’t the only thing that was hot inside the place. I took off my long-sleeved shirt because I was beginning to get sweaty. I asked the shift manager to lower the thermostat temperature a bit, but she said it was already set to about 75 degrees. I thought maybe I was becoming sick or feverish, but I could feel the hot air drifting from their heating vents. I knew something must be wrong with their heating system. I told the barista that maybe he should alert the manager there’s a problem with the HVAC unit. It’s clearly not shutting off the way it’s meant to. I had him feel the heat pouring out of the vents. He said he’d alert the owner next time he was in. About an hour later, an HVAC company van pulled up to the restaurant. He immediately shut down the entire system and started working on it. I was getting ready to leave when I could hear the owner talking to a barista. He said the heat was fixed. I was so relieved because now I wouldn’t have to worry about going back there.HVAC installation