Calls for the heater

The iphones have been ringing off the hook all week as the Wintertime weather continues to worsen and oil heating systems continue to break.  As the chilly weather moves throughout the area, the calls for Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs are so numerous, they are almost too many calls for my small Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to handle, and my air conditioner contractor is stretched to the limits with corporation and my Heating plus Air Conditioning service specialists are feeling the brunt of it.  They are out there in the extreme chilly every morning, trying to get heat for those families that do not have a working central heating in their home.  With these record chilly afternoons, and many more still to come, it is imperative that both of us repair as many oil heating systems as is necessary to get through this Wintertime season.  The problem is with this extreme cold, heat pumps aren’t really made to withstand such chilly temperature, and the heat just shuts down, unfortunately, leaving residents in the cold.  When I receive a call to my air conditioner contractor for a furnace repair, I consistently ask the caller on the iphone to check the breakers in case an overuse of appliances may have flipped the breakers and simply flipping the switches may get your furnace working again.  Both of us may be a small Heating plus Air Conditioning provider and both of us are all really tired, but as long as the roads are safe for my guys, those air conditioner specialists will be in their Heating plus Air Conditioning trucks, repairing every furnace that they have a call on.  Both of us are your certified climate control professional and my women and I look forward to helping you with all of your Heating plus Air Conditioning needs.