Burned out HVAC filter

Joanne didn’t know what to do, so she just started throwing her china at her wife. It turned out that her wife had been saying that she was taking care of the HVAC system maintenance. Despite the fact that she lied about it and now the air filtration system had failed and was going to cost a fortune to repair. When the technician came by to check on the issues, he was disgusted at everything. Even the air filter was completely caked full of dust, the condenser unit was jammed, and the HVAC unit was burnt out from overheating. The technician said they would require a full replacement. This is why Joanne was throwing china dishes at her wife because she was so mad at her. Instead of being able to use their savings for a nice vacation they were planning, they would now have to use that money for purchasing a brand new HVAC unit. This could have been avoided with some simple maintenance on the HVAC system. Even changing the air filter on a regular basis would have helped to save the system, however that didn’t happen, but Joanne’s wife Maggie, just let everything go and was not upfront with her wife about everything. Joanne couldn’t understand what she was thinking. She would never trust her with anything major like the HVAC system again. She was so miserable that she decided to go stay with her parents for awhile. Maggie was left there at the property to see to it that the system replacement was carried out. She also took some vital advice from the technician about system maintenance. They told her that she was lucky their house didn’t catch on fire from the complete lack of maintenance.

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