My brand new heater

How many times a year do we complain about the weather and the temperature? I am sure it is far too numerous to count. During the summer, everyone complains about how hot it is and how they cannot wait for fall. Throughout the wintertime, people complain about the cold dreary days and long for spring. I am with these people complaining about winter. I can hardly stand the cold days of winter. Thankfully, we have a great heating system. Our furnace heats the entire house and keeps it perfectly warm throughout the entire winter season. Our furnace is only a year or two old. Our old furnace broke down during the coldest winter we have had in years. We practically froze when it stopped working. The HVAC repair service was unable to fix the old furnace. The main reason they could not fix the furnace was because it was so old that there are no longer replacement parts for it. I am actually really glad we replaced the furnace. The new furnace is amazingly efficient. It does not have to run all the time like the old furnace. The new heater is quiet. I love the quiet of the new heater. I can watch TV without any loud noises interrupting it. The new heater costs us much less to run than the old furnace. This new heater is much more energy efficient. It has really decreased our gas bills since we replaced the furnace. I love the savings on our power bill and the new furnace that keeps the house the perfect temperature.