Boiler is messed up

My longtime boyfriend and I finally got engaged! To solidify the significance of our commitment together, I agreed to move within with him. My place was nice and all, had a lot of space, and would’ve been more than accommodating for the both of us. That said, my hubby-to-be was gonna be the future man of the house someday, so I figured that your best to move in and training my future man made of steel. Besides, my place was an apartment anyway. That being said, my fiance’s site is stellar; everything in it is advanced. He’s lived there for just over 3 years now, and he’s made a number of upgrades to his place. In addition to upgrading every single piece of his appliances, he’s also completed an overhaul of his general heating, ventilation, and cooling system. but that’s never assume all. The latest modification he’s previously done was the replacement of his hot water heater tank-type system with some sort of boiler-based one. Upon realizing this, the things that’s initially impressed me most were the appliances. After getting a lesson on can the boiler system from a boyfriend-turned-fiance, though, my mind soon changed. Then, as if I actually were bipolar, my mentality changed again just a couple weeks after that when the boiler broke. As wise like my wonderful fiance was, he wasn’t so sure ways to rectify the situation. In move, he called the local HVAC company and have them send a technician over to the place. After a few minutes of checking things out, the technician came back with the word: the thermostat have broken, which is why our difficulties disappeared. After forking up a little bit of cash, our boiler system was back in business.