Basement heater is sporactic

I run a very small gymnastic college for toddlers directly in the basement just beneath a department store.  The location is rather ideal, with a big parking lot, but the building is rather old plus not in the greatest shape either. There are missing floor tiles plus the exterior door does not close properly at all.  Mentioning complications to the landlord though does not really accomplish anything.  Unless the building is flooding or on fire, nothing gets fixed there.  One of the most largest issues is the rather old oil furnace.  There is 1 heating method to serve the entire building, plus I have no control over it at all. It is a rather big boiler located in a closet within the studio there, plus anytime repairs are needed, our classes are completely disrupted.  Plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor tracks across the floor, leaves a whole big mess behind, plus I’m expected to wipe it up myself.  Although I do have a temperature control installed in the studio, I am just convinced that it does absolutely nothing for me.  I never even recognize if the studio will be very overheated plus stuffy or downright frosty there, plus I can’t even make any adjustments.  The other day, the studio was far too hot plus rather uncomfortable. I was even  dripping with sweat so badly that our shirt was completely wet.  I took a very quick look at the temperature control plus although it was set to fifty-multiple degrees, the actual temperature in the studio was seventy degrees.  I hate to complain too much because I don’t spend the money on the utilities plus our rent is so low here.   

heating system