Bad time to lose the heating system

About two weeks, we began a long streak of polar weather. Snow was flying nearly every day, and the wind was blowing. The temperatures have not got above twenty-five in that whole time, and most days, it didn’t get out of the single digits. There were wind chill factors as much as twenty below zero, and we still had to do our everyday chores, and go to work. I counted on being able to go back home, at the end of the day, and being able to relax for a bit, while my furnace removed the chill from my bones. I was so wrong about that picture. I walked into the house, and it was as cold as it was outside. My husband was rushing around in a heavy coat, trying to get the chimney cleaned so we could get the fireplace going. At one point through the day, the motor that operated our heating system, had quit working. This was the worse timing we could have had. A month before, we had to replace the entire boiler, and we were told that the system that heated the water in the boiler, was fine. They lied about all of that, because here we were, trying to find a motor for our thirty year old heating system. We were fortunate to find someone who could rebuild it, but we need to decide what we are going to do for next winter. The HVAC technician, told us that we were going to need to replace our heating system, because our system wasn’t going to last much longer.