Avoiding dirty air conditions

My spouse and I have been in our currant house for more than thirty years, but we raised our children in our first house in the suburbs, then when we purchased it, it was a cheap house and a shell if what it is now.  We had both of our families helping us get it ready for the birth of our first child. Within 5 months, we finished the floors, painted the walls, installed up-to-date bathrooms, landscaped the outside, and redid the electrical in the walls.  The most strenuous service was the Heating and Air Conditioning system. We really didn’t think it was in such poor shape, but it honestly didn’t matter considering the state of the rest of the place. We decided to go with a boiler method instead of a forced air heating and cooling unit.  Boilers are quiet, clean, and use recycled water within the heating pipes. Since we were installing so much within the house and it was gutted anyway, we took the time to add some radiant floors. It made the house seem so luxurious! I liked that the recirculated water didn’t bring in outside dirt and contaminants like pollen, dust, and mildew from dirty air vents and HVAC ducts.  Throughout the life of that first home, we never had to replace the boiler method and it always provided us even heating throughout the house. We never had freezing spots in the rooms or drafty areas because the forced air was too high. With our up-to-date home, we chose to stay with the boiler heating method but added an annual maintenance method from the local heating and a/c company.  We’re getting older now and I want to be sure our appliances and house is taken care of, even if we can’t do the job ourselves.

boiler repair