You always want your home comfortable

It’s get incredibly warm over the months of June and especially July. It’s gets really hot everywhere, but I live in a tropical climate therefore it is particularly terrible. We have eight long months of humidity, plus sunshine, and four other months of sporadic weather that may or may not be hot at any time. Last summer was really bad because we also had three different tropical storms inside our small area. The summer seemed so humid, much more when compared to normal. We had two days to get set for a hurricane, and we placed the storm shutter up to prohibit the rain and wind. When the storm was completed and we could have the power back within our home, I noticed how much cooler it was, especially with the shutters on this house. Even when we had this thermostat set to 72 levels, it was very cool and crisp indoors. We decided to keep shutters on the windows for a few more days, and monitor the indoor quality of air. It was easy to ensure the windows were letting in way less heat with something dark on them. That gave me a great idea, and I called my buddy John. He came over the following weekend and installed a light colored tint on each sun facing window. It has made such a positive change in the temperature and also the indoor air quality. The tint doesn’t look terrible and it’s also even saving me a number of dollars on our monthly energy bills. It was such a great idea.