Air vents and the draft

My grandfather visited every one of us from Cuba. That happens to be the place where my family is from. There was one thing about Cuba that really bothered him. There wasn’t any type of air conditioning. The only types of buildings that are air-conditioned, are some of the retail stores. He had not been accustomed to being inside of an air-conditioned area. My grandfather didn’t sleep very well when he was visiting my parents house. There were many different things that seem to keep him awake in the evening. The noise of the central air conditioning system as well as my parents temperature caused him problems. He complained a lot, stating that he could not become comfortable in his bed. When he covered himself, he became too cold, as well as uncovering himself was too warm. My parents did their best to move the air vents in a way that was not directly influencing my grandfather. Then the noises from our air conditioner was incessantly keeping him awake. Every time every one of us could get comfortable, he would wake up as well as adjust the central air conditioning. Life seems to have been much different back in Cuba. Everyone of us are blessed to live in an air-conditioned area, as well as don’t understand what it would be like to live without air conditioning. Even the smallest noise from your air conditioning system, as well as the occasional thermostat helps us all survive. These days would be very hard to endure, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have wonderful central air conditioning and all of our homes.

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