Air quality device repair

My new husband Steve is a fixer of all things. If something can be patched up to prolong its lifespan, he will make it happen. Steve is crazy about fixing up old stuff that should be just tossed. It gets to the point where I intentionally try to break items so both of us can update it. I have dropped a couple of TVs plus broke them just so both of us can get a new one. I also have thrown out a few things before Steve can see them to update it… Right now Steve plus I use a large dehumidifier in the Summer with our cooling system. Our A/C idea is a top notch one, plus totally modern. The air conditioning component is brand new with a lot of cool features. You can adjust fan speed, time when it turns on plus also can work what room gets cooling. The only thing the air conditioning component does not do well is control the excess humidity in the Summer that gets inside our home. Steve plus I technically have a dehumidifier. It is quite horrible though. The dehumidifier is large, dented plus very ugly. It barely controls our air quality. It makes these horrible rattling noises plus occasionally will not even turn on. I have begged Steve to get a new one since our air quality is horrible. But as long as it will turn on, the dehumidifier will stay. This year I am hoping to sneak it out of the condo plus just to upgrade it with a new one. I can’t let Steve find out though. He will be upset that I threw out a dehumidifier that in his opinion works perfectly well.

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