Air conditioning is pretty great

The older I get, the more I think that there are far too many university graduates these days; At some point in the past century it became a requirement to go to University, whether or not it suited most of the population. Now, rather than only the most exceptional candidates earning degrees, every bozo has some sort of advanced education. Not only has it created this large student debt crisis, but I suppose we are actually doing future generations a disservice. Everyone has a degree in accounting, engineering, or business, but who is going to provide the other services that we need. Who is going into trade anymore?

              For instance, last month I had to call a heating plus cooling specialist because our air conditioner was making a real racket. However, when I thumbed through the phonebook, I found that there were few Heating, Ventilation, plus Air Conditioning dealerships in the area. I called to schedule the appointment, but the desk clerk at the heating plus cooling repair shop told me that they had a limited number of ventilation technicians on hand… She said all of their cooling system specialists were booked for at least a week. When I called around to the other heating plus cooling shops, they all told me the same story! Once our A/C unit was finally repaired some weeks later, the total cooling repair cost was astronomical!

           After all of these observations I’m just thinking there must be a another way. If we could divert a fraction of these university-bound kids to Heating, Ventilation & A/C technical schools, we could probably revolutionize the ventilation field.

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