The air conditioning is now doing what it should

I was fresh out of my masters in business supervision, and my friend set me up with one of her guy friends. He was into molecular genetics and concentrated on cancer cells which I felt was interesting. When we finally got to meet at dinner, I found out he was beautiful, and he really kept me entertained with conversation which doesn’t happen to me too often. He was so sweet and asked if he could drive me home. He pulled up inside the funniest looking old truck which I didn’t feel fit his personality in any way. I got in, and firstly he was apologizing for the HVAC in his car no longer working properly. I’ve been in cars that HVAC equipment didn’t work so that I wasn’t too disturbed. We started driving and soon after I began hearing rattling when he would hit the breaks. Then I started smelling gas fumes and tried my best to ignore it. I realized before long thinking about how he needed HVAC maintenance that we weren’t even talking. I felt so terrible, so I started up a conversation. After squeaking out one sentence I needed to cough with the dryness in the truck. By the time I’d gotten home I was so relieved, and I noticed such a massive difference in the heating and cooling in my home as opposed to the stale truck air. He ended up being so nice, and what an odd deal breaker that our conversation got interrupted because this HVAC in his car wasn’t working hard. It’s a lot more vital than I thought.