Air Conditioning at the In-Laws

I never understood why my in-laws would not use their air conditioner. They would walk around sweating and feeling miserable and complaining about the heat during the summer, but they would never take the initiative to close up the windows, turn the thermostat down and crank up the air conditioning. I was constantly sneaking around and cutting the temperature down on the thermostat in the hallway next to the garage, but they’d inevitably catch me and tell me to open a window. Then they’d turn the thermostat back off again. I even told them that I’d pay the air conditioning bills when they came in the mail, if only they would let me turn the temperature down on the thermostat, even if it was just three degrees or so. It was usually 78 or 79 degrees in their house and it felt so stuffy to me that I could barely even stand it! I get so sweaty and crabby and mean when I’m hot that I can’t believe my husband and I stayed married during the year that we had to live with my in-laws. He must’ve been used to it since he lived with them while he was growing up, but my parents were big believers in air conditioning during the summertime. My dad would crank it all the way down to 63 or 64 or some scorching hot summer days and we would just luxuriate in the cool air as it blew through the air vents. It was so nice to be cold even though outside the temperature was in the high 90s.

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