Air conditioner tune-up

I live in the southeast. Down here it is ridiculously hot and horribly humid. If you do not have air conditioning when you live in the southeast, your health is likely to suffer. Air conditioning is good for you, just like your vitamin C! Air conditioning can help create a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your loved ones. No one likes to suffer, and if you don’t use your HVAC system to keep the air around you in good shape, you will notice the negative effects on your life. If you have asthma, your lung passageways can be easily inflamed. Air conditioning with good clean air filters can help prevent that inflammation. The HVAC unit can help keep allergens out of the air, thereby reducing the number of particles that can cause airway inflammation. My aunt Bet had asthma. Like most asthma sufferers, she had little inhalers she would carry around with her for those times when it was hard to breathe. Whenever she went outside or to somewhere where they were not running their air conditioning system, she needed to use her inhaler much more frequently. That’s how I know that air conditioning is good for people with asthma. One time, when my daughter was just born and for five years afterward, I had what the doctors called chronic bronchitis. Now, the more common term for that condition is COPD. whatever you call it, there is one thing I know. If you are out in the heat and humidity, your symptoms will be worse. I ran the air conditioning more than ever during those years that I had a lot of breathing difficulties.

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