My air conditioner is somehow leaking water

On vacation I stayed in a condo with my mother and brother. The condo was alright, just sort of small. There was one bed and a pull out couch. When you pulled out the couch, you could barely move in our condo. Everywhere tripped over my bed on the way to the bathroom. Of course my brother Drew had to spread his giant suitcase out too. So in between tripping over my bed, you had to avoid Drew’s many pairs of shoes. What was weird about the condo was the cooling system. It was sitting on the floor of the condo. It was next to the TV, but hidden by a plant. It was also right against a wall. It literally was the worst place to have A/C in a condo. The plant blocked all of the airflow. We were already tight for space so the plant went on our porch with the outdoor air compressor. But even then, the cooling system barely cooled our room. Being at the ground level barely had us feel the air. The TV also blocked it and it was tight against the wall. The outdoor air compressor on the other side of the wall, on the porch, was not much better. There must have been something wrong with the condensate drain on the AC equipment. The air conditioner was leaking water everywhere. I hated going on our porch since the air conditioning system oozed water everywhere. It also would spit out water while it was on. Needless to say the cooling situation was not great. air conditioning tune-up